About Us

Unlocking Global Community Potential

FCX is a community project and its future development depends on  community’s engagement  That’s why we choose the strongest one in this space XRP. The community needs to show us the way of development. Our vision for FCX is to become a Global Community Coin. Because our roots are xrp community, We are aware of what baggage XRP holds. Our FCX will be free of Ripple’s Escrow , Jed McCalleb Wallet or SEC court case.  It belongs 100% to the global XRP community. Our vision for FCX  is close to the Satoshi’s  vision.

With the best technology like XRP Ledger as a building foundation, possibilities are endless. Starting from simple global payments, tipping, paying for subscriptions, streaming payments and finish on issuing  NFT’s, earning a passive income or Community DeFi.

The future development is in your hands.

FCX  Global  Community  Token is the first token built on Public XRP Ledger using its cutting edge Sidechain feature. Its unique design allows fast, cheap and environment friendly payments. The Sidechain feature implementation unlocking capabilities like DeFi, interoperability, NFT’s and many more… Possibilities are endless.  The Sidechain acts as its own blockchain.

FCX Global Community Ledger is complementary to XRPL Mainnet and is traded on XRP Ledger Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

The Focus Sidechain network allows an easy FCX token to XRP Ledger on/off ramp.

Migrating to the XRPL sidechain will make FCX a native asset on the network with IOU issuance feature.