„Wind of change“ for FCX – end of Loyalty Reward Program?

Dear FCXCommunity! As you can see in our recent tweet, this is next to last reward week and the last week will start on 11 July and will end up on 19 July. This is really big change and here we want to clarify why we made this decision. From now on the FCX Focusproject will shift the direction and update the tokenomics as it was announced few weeks ago…

Positive change?

Yes! This will be positive change for all FCX supporters, because the main task for the FCX core team was (and obviously is) to give the project true utility. At this stage unfortunately we cannot reveal more details, but we can promise you it is worth to stay and wait with us. The new tokenomics will be published soon, but the most important change will be decentralization of the founders’ tokens and some kind of lockup for these funds. Waiver of the weekly reward program will help to build sustainable demand and supply for FCX token and will enable some important actions in the future


Unfortunately we cannot specify the exact day when the important announcement will be published, but it should not be longer than few weeks from now…

Will the reward program be resumed in the future?

We know that many of FCXCommunity members will want to resume it, but your perspective will change once new details about project’s future are revealed. All the changes we made have only one purpose – to make the project strong and enable rapid development and expansion. Stay tuned for more details soon…!