Game room starts here…

„It is time to go through so if you have the clue do not wait in queue and use your favorite view to compete with your FCX crew!”

The time of competition has finally come. The exact start date will be announced in the coming hours so let’s be prepared. In the first sentence of this short blogpost you can find the useful infos about what comes. You will have to choose your favorite view and decide if you prefer to play on mobile or on your desktop device. You do not have to wait once the game officially starts, you will have to hurry up and be one of the first people to win the game! Here you have small hint from FCX Team, which will help you to put the puzzles together and get the secret code.

More hints will be published on our discord channel so it is worth to join and stay up to date! Join FCX discord here:

First 5 people who complete the game will win the FCX tokens! To win the game you have to put all the pieces in the right arrangement, after that the window with the secret code will appear on your screen. All you have to do is to make a screenshot with all the content of the screen and send us via private message to our twitter account

Every winner will be announced up to date, so everyone will know in real time how many winning secret codes still remain. There will be no time to wait, first come first served!

The idea behind this mini game is to mobilize the community and to open the way for the NFT concept which will be proposed by FCX in the future. FCX also wants to utilize some game engine and this is the first milestone to create more advanced multiplayer games in the NEAR future, what is also the part of FCX roadmap and milestones. This is just the beginning and we hope you will have lot of fun in such mini game!