Welcome to FCX NFT Mystery!

It is time for Focus FCX to jump in to NFT world! The NFT standard on XRPL is coming soon, hence the perfect time  to launch the NFT program. This program will be obviously more complex and now we are starting with the first purpose called „utility”. Focus FCX Team does not want to mint simple funny picture and nothing more. We aim to bring some utility into this NFT pictures. Our NFTs are high quality pictures, created and designed especially for us by amazing and exceptionally gifted NFT artist.

ONE NFT for every community

On our official website we have 5 communities marked on the globe. This is expanding and soon we will announce new communities coming into FCX Global. Every community will have its own NFT designed in the theme of the specific region. For now we started with Japanese Community but quickly next regions will also be included. The community will decide what regional NFT will be the next.

NFT divided into pieces

Every time unveil the next pieces of a picture will drive into puzzle game. You already had a chance to play three puzzle games. This is the way to win the NFT! One week period to take part in the game and the winners will be those who completed the game with the least number of moves. There is no need to hurry, here focus and calm can help to win!

How to get the NFT from Focus FCX?

Our community NFTs are edition 1 of 20, it means one picture will be minted as 20 NFTs and you will have following chances to get it:

  • Possible giveaway
  • Win in the puzzle game
  • Buy on the open market

Why is it worth to get the limited NFTs ?

For its future utility. This is the simplest answer. Focus FCX will have products like games and platform. By having this Community NFT you will join the special club and have benefits in the upcoming products. As the NFT program will be extended the owners of the Community NFTs will automatically be on the WhiteList (WL) by default. The Community NFT will be truly limited to 20 NFTs per community. What happens if someone will collect 1 NFT from each Community? This will be hard for sure but will finally get special reward from Focus FCX Team. Not only special space on our platform and navigation page… The competition is about to begin!