Welcome to FCX NFT Mystery!

„It is time for Focus FCX to jump in to NFT world! The NFT standard for XRPL is coming soon”.

Game room starts here…

„It is time to go through so if you have the clue do not wait in queue and use your favorite view to compete with your FCX crew!”

„Wind of change“ for FCX – end of Loyalty Reward Program?

Dear FCXCommunity! As you can see in our recent tweet, this is next to last reward week and the last week will start on 11 July and will end up on 19 July. This is really big change and here we want to clarify why we made this decision. From now on the FCX Focus project will shift the direction and update the tokenomics as it was announced few weeks ago

„Bloody times on crypto market“– volatility, fear and panic, why?

What to do when the entire market crashes? Is it the right time to buy or sell tokens? FCX Team will not give any financial advice, because we are here to bring some innovation into crypto and XRP Ledger space, but this topic is definitely worth to discuss!