Terms and conditions „GLOBAL FCX FOCUS”

§1 [General contitions]

1. These regulations (referred as the „Regulations”) define the rules of operation of the internet portal available at: https://globalfcx.com(hereinafter referred to as the „Website”). The Regulations define in particular the rights and obligations of the Portal Users, as well as the rights and obligations of the entity managing the Website and providing services available therein (hereinafter referred to as the „Administrator” or „Website Administrator”).2. The administrator is: FCXCoin team3. Contact details of the entity responsible for running the website: email: xrpkermit@gmail www address: globalfcx.com4. Each person should read the Regulations before using the Website.5. Each person who started using the Website is obliged to accept and comply with the provisions of the Regulations.6. By using the website, you accept these regulations.

§2 [Definitions]

1. The terms in the further parts of the Regulations should be understood as follows:

a) Website / Portal / Platform – a communication platform run by the Administrator available at https://globalfcx.com, enabling Users to measure social preferences based on the 8values ​​project www: www.github.com/8values/8values.github.io

b) User – a natural person using the Website who is 18 years of age or older and has

full legal capacity or a natural person, legal person and an organizational unit without legal personality, but capable of its own on behalf of, acquire rights and incur liabilities.

c) Wallet – one of the functionalities available on the Portal that enables settlements

between Users using the Website on the terms set out in Website and Regulations.

d) Funding resources – the following deposited funds collected by the Recipient

in the Portfolio: (i) funds denominated in the form of a digital XPR asset, (iii)

other methods made available in accordance with the law, on the terms set out in

Website and Regulations.

e) Registration – the procedure of creating an Account on the Website by the User consisting in

generating a unique token. As soon as it is uploaded to the server, it comes to

concluding a contract between the User and the Website, the subject of which are services

provided on the Website, under the conditions set out in these Regulations.

f) Account – a collection kept as part of the System’s functionality for the User

resources, in which data related to the use of the website are collected


g) Consumer – a user who performs a legal transaction with the Administrator

not directly related to its business or professional activity.

2. To the extent not defined in the previous point, the terms used herein

The regulations should be interpreted according to their literal meaning.

§ 3 [Terms of use]

1. The website as a communication platform within which Users can make a connection

a / cooperation with other users and / defined as an Expert

b / definition as a Recipient of Expert Services

c / offering and using Expert Services

2. The condition for using the Website is acceptance of the provisions of the Regulations and Registration.

3. The condition for the User to obtain the status of an Expert is to define himself at

support functions provided by the Website as a specialist in a given field and

substantiating your qualifications in accordance with the indications contained on the Website.

4. The condition for the User to obtain the status of a Recipient of expert services is

define yourself as an interested person using the functions available on the Website

a given category of services and / or intending to use such services, on a basis

indicated on the Website and in accordance with the Regulations.

§ 4 [User registration and liquidation of the User’s account]

1. User in order to take advantage of the full range of Website functionalities

is obliged to make prior registration.

2. Registration is one-off.

3. Registration, use and liquidation of the logged in User Account is


4. The User is entitled to have multiple accounts on the Website.

5. Registration is made at the internet address after reading the

the content of these Regulations and accepting its provisions.

6. Providing the User’s data is voluntary. Users providing their data

personal, consent to the processing of this data for the purpose of using


7. The registration of the User on the Website will take place immediately after it is correct

generating the token with the credentials, which is a random string of characters

produced by your browser. You can only be on it


8. The Website Administrator is not responsible for the loss or transfer by

The User to third parties or unauthorized possession by persons

third of his token and for the damages resulting from it.

9. The user has the option to edit and change his data via

User’s account.

10. The Website Administrator is not responsible for the consequences of failure to update

data by the User.

11. The User is entitled to cancel his / her account at any time.

12. The User shall cancel the account by sending the Administrator an e-mail to

contact@globalfcx.com with a request to delete the account. Account cancellation

it is made immediately after receiving the request to delete the account from


§ 5 [Rights and obligations of the User]

1. The User is obliged to:

a) use the Website in accordance with applicable law

customs and Regulations,

b) not to use other Users’ tokens without their knowledge and consent,

c) not to attempt to break the token of other Users,

d) not acting to the detriment of other Users and / or other people,

e) not using expressions and words commonly in the name of the User’s account

considered offensive, inconsistent with decency and / or to which

The user does not have the appropriate permissions.

2. In order to protect his account, the user is obliged to maintain

your token in secret, in particular not to share the token

third parties, and in the case of suspected disclosure of the token to third parties

should immediately ask for the token to be regenerated.

3. It is forbidden for the User to publish any content that infringes the law and

personal rights of third parties.

4. It is forbidden for the User to impersonate other people.

5. The User is not allowed to use the Accounts of other Users and make it available

your Account to other people. User Accounts are non-transferable.

6. The User bears full responsibility for errors in Transactions resulting from

providing incorrect data during Registration on the Website.

7. It is forbidden to use viruses, bots, worms or other codes

computer, scripts or programs that can interrupt, destroy and / or

limit access to the Website.

8. It is forbidden to use computer codes, scripts or programs

automating the use of the Website.

9. A user who finds a violation of the law, social norms, norms

behavior, privacy or the provisions of these Regulations by another

The User is entitled to report this fact to the Administrator. Submissions

is done by sending messages on email:

contact@globalfcx.comThe notification referred to in the previous sentence

should contain: an indication of the manner of infringement, the name of the User who

has committed an infringement and provided a link to the Event in which it took place

violations. After receiving the notification, the Administrator will take appropriate actions,

in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations.

§ 6 [Rights of the Website Administrator]

1. The Website Administrator is entitled:

a) to expand the Website, as well as to modify the list of requirements

hardware and / or software necessary for its proper operation,

before informing Users about it in advance;

b) periodically limiting or disabling the availability of the Website’s resources, if

it is caused by the necessity to repair, replace, extend, modify

or maintenance of computer hardware or software, prior to any prior notice

informing Users about it;

2. The above-mentioned limitations related to the works may be

introduced for a period no longer than necessary to complete the necessary work.

3. If the Website Administrator recognizes that the placement of a given content

is in conflict with the law and / or decency, Administrator

The website reserves the right to, inter alia, remove or moderate such


4. Selection of measures taken in relation to the User introducing the proprietary

the content belongs to the Website Administrator.

5. The administrator will inform the User introducing restricted content and

The user reporting the violation about the actions taken in connection with


6. The administrator is entitled to verify any posted by

Users of data and information as well as posted content, including

in particular, data defining the User as an Expert, using

all methods and tools available within the law. Other Users

are entitled to express their opinion on the content and data provided by others

Users, in particular defined as Experts, including evaluation

Experts, through, inter alia, reviewing, flagging or other services available through the Website


7. In each case of finding a breach of the provisions of these Regulations

or generally applicable law, or providing data or

revealing undesirable or untrue content that violates the standards

social, moral, privacy, the Administrator is entitled to send

Call the user to stop

8. The Administrator has the right to block or delete the User Account in

the situation where, despite steps taken in accordance with the provisions of the paragraph

the previous one, the User still violates the provisions of the Regulations, or

generally applicable provisions of law.

§ 7 [Responsibility of the Website Administrator as part of the provision of the communication platf

1. The Website Administrator is not responsible for the Users’ behaviour in

as part of using the Website. The administrator is not responsible for

non-performance or improper performance of the Expert Measurement Service. IN

in particular, the Administrator is not responsible for the content and quality of the Services

expert as well as the reliability and truthfulness of the content and information provided and / or

made available by Users on the Website. The administrator is not responsible

liability for the consequences of actions constituting a breach of the Regulations

taken by Users or third parties.

The Website Administrator’s liability for the content is excluded

posted by Users on the Website, as well as for any damage

consequently arose.

2. The Website Administrator shall not be liable to the User or third parties

liability for any damage resulting from use

data contained on the Website.

3. The Website Administrator is not responsible for:

a) the manner in which Users use the Website and the resulting effects,

b) content posted by Users.

4. The Website Administrator’s liability for the loss of content is excluded

published by the User resulting from a failure of the IT system

or as a result of other events that the Administrator was not able to prevent, including

force majeure events. Force majeure should be understood as an event

sudden, beyond the control of the Website Administrator, when it was impossible to predict it

the event and its consequences and when it was impossible to avoid the event itself or

at least its effects.

5. The Website Administrator’s liability for:

a) damages resulting from a break in the functioning of the Website, caused by

technical reasons, caused in particular by maintenance or

replacement of equipment, as well as as a result of force majeure,

b) damage caused by unauthorized acts or omissions


6. Any liability for damages incurred by the User as a result

threats occurring on the Internet, i.e. in particular hacking into the system

User, hacker attacks, password hijacking by third parties, infection

The user’s system of viruses rests with the entities that such attacks happen


7. The Website Administrator is not responsible for the slowdown and / or

limiting data transfer to values ​​that ensure security

IT systems of the Website.

8. The Website Administrator is not responsible for the consequences of providing by

The user of false, incomplete or unreliable data.

9. The administrator is not responsible for culpable and unlawful actions


10. The Administrator is not responsible for the Users’ actions

without the required consent of the legal representative.

§ 8 [Fees and commissions]

1. Free of charge

§ 9 [Technical requirements]

1. To use the Website, the User must have a device

endpoint with access to the Internet and a resource browser

websites enabling the display of WWW pages.

2. The administrator informs about the conditions and possible costs of payment for access to the network

The Internet is regulated by a contract concluded between the User and the one selected by

User as a telecommunications operator.

3. The user should have up-to-date installed on the end device

anti-virus software.

4. In order to use the Website in the desktop version, the following is required:

a) the User has a computer with access to the Internet from

minimum link speed of 1 Mbps,

b) the use of one of the following browsers by the User

Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, Puma


5. The correct operation of the Website is guaranteed by the use of web browsers

indicated in the previous paragraph. The administrator does not guarantee correct

the operation of the Website using other web browsers than

indicated in the previous sentence.

8. The website does not provide the funds indicated above, the User bears all

costs related to ensuring the technical conditions referred to in

this paragraph.

§ 10 [Intelectual properity]

1. The Website Administrator declares that all materials posted on the website

website, apart from Users’ materials, including text and photo materials,

graphics, etc. and their layout are the intellectual property of the Website Administrator

or third parties.

2. The Website Administrator disables the possibility of copying, duplicating, modifying,

distribution or other forms of commercial use of materials that are his

property and property of third parties referred to above, without prior notice

written consent of the above-mentioned entities.

3. The Website Administrator agrees to non-commercial display, download and

printing materials owned by the Website, referred to in paragraph 1, no

subject to the obligation to provide visible copyright notice

Website by the entity using these materials.

4. If the User uses the content posted on the Website,

The user or a third party is obliged to provide the source of their acquisition


5. All rights to the Website, as well as all its elements, ie in particular

software, functional layout, graphic elements, databases,

they belong to the Website Administrator.

6. The use of the Website by Users does not constitute the basis for purchase by

Users of any rights to the Website and / or content on the Website

posted ..

§ 11 [Consumer’s withdrawal from the contract]

1. A user who is a consumer may, within 14 days from the date of concluding the contract

regarding the use of the Website, i.e. the provision of the communication platform service

withdraw from it without giving any reason

2. The user referred to in par. 1 of this paragraph may withdraw from the contract,

by submitting a declaration of withdrawal to the Website Administrator.

The declaration may be submitted on the form, a specimen of which is attached as Appendix 1 to

of these Regulations

3. The Website Administrator provides for the possibility of submission by the User

declaration of withdrawal from the contract by electronic means. Statement template

constitutes Appendix 2 to these Regulations. The withdrawal is effective after

sending the completed statement template to the Administrator’s e-mail address.

4. To meet the deadline referred to in sec. 1 it is enough to send a declaration

before its expiry.

5. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the contract is considered void.

6. Additionally, the User has the right to delete his account at any time.

All such cases terminate the terms of use

Website, except for the following data:

a) a backup of the deleted User’s content, as well as his data, incl

registration data and account security and data

protection of the rights of others may be kept for a reasonable period of time

time (but will not be available to others);

b) the content previously published by the User does not expire automatically,

the user, by posting content or information, allows anyone to obtain

access and use of information, as well as binding it with the User.

7. In the event of a breach by the User of the provisions relating to this

Of the Regulations or exposing the Administrator to the risk of legal liability,

The Service Provider reserves the right to discontinue sharing with the user

all or part of the services provided. The user will be notified of this by email or in the form of a message the next time he accesses


§ 12 [Processing personal data]

 1. Personal data is processed in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data in

including the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) of April 27, 2016. In

on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and in

on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC.

2. The administrator of clients’ personal data is: ?????, entered into

Register, ?????, NIP number ???? and


3. The Data Administrator entrusted the processing of personal data to Mr. Jakub

Bugek, contact details: telephone: +48 XXX XXX XXX, e-mail address: ?????

4. Only personal data provided by Users voluntarily is collected.

The data is processed for the purpose necessary to implement the provisions of this

Of the Regulations.

5. With additional consent granted by the User, the collected personal data

may also be used for promotional and marketing purposes, incl

in particular in order to present the Website’s commercial offer to the User and

other marketing information related to the Website.

6. In the case of subscribing to the newsletter and agreeing to receive it in

l registration process (consent to receive commercial information by road

electronic), it is only necessary to provide an e-mail address for this purpose

commercial information will be sent from the Administrator. From uploading such

information, the User may resign at any time by logging into his account

in the Store or by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of each


7. A user who is a natural person has the right to access its content

personal data and the right to request their correction, completion, or

deletion on the terms set out in the provisions on the protection of personal data.

8. A user who is not a natural person has the right to access the content

his data and the right to demand that they be corrected, supplemented or deleted.

9. In order to exercise the right specified above in this paragraph,

The user submits the request to the Administrator. The request should stay

sent by registered mail to the address of the GlobalFCX or via

an e-mail sent to the address contact@globalfcx.com

8. Data concerning the User will be made available to authorized persons on the basis of

legal provisions in force in the territory of the Republic of Poland to persons

or authorities, if the obligation to disclose this data and correspondence results from

legal regulations in force in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Privacy Policy

§ 13 [Privacy Policy]

1. For the proper functioning of the Website on the User’s end device

short text information called „local Storage” (hereinafter: files

„Cookies”), which contain information necessary for the correct operation

the functioning of the Website. In the event of using the Website for the correct purpose

Application identifier may be sent to provide the service.

2. By registering or using the Website, with files handling enabled

„Cookies”, the User agrees to use the „cookies” mechanism

i.e. saving these files in the memory of the device used by the User. IN

when using the application, the user agrees to be sent

application ID.

3. The content of „cookies” and the application identifier do not allow for identification

User. No personal data is processed by means of „cookies”

and / or stored.

4. Cookies and application ID do not affect the way it works

User’s end device, do not damage the system, do not cause changes

configuration and have no effect on the operation of the software

installed on the User’s end device.

5. The user is entitled at any time to revoke the consent to use

by the Administrator of „cookies”. For this purpose, the User should make

appropriate changes in the settings of the web browser by means of which

uses the Website. In this case, the User will be deprived of the possibility

full use of the Website.

6. An entity that places information in the form of „cookies” on the device

the end user and the Administrator is gaining access to them.

§ 14 [Complaints procedure]

1. Each User in the event of irregularities related to

the functioning of the Website, he is entitled to report this fact via

sending a complaint via e-mail to the following address:


2. A response to the complaint will be given immediately, as

technical possibilities no later than within 21 days of notification.

3. In special cases, ie when considering the complaint

requires unusual, specific activities or is faced with objective obstacles (e.g.

hardware and internet network failures, etc.), the date of recognizing the complaint

may be elongated.

4. The answer will be sent to the User to the e-mail address from which it was left

complaint notification sent.

5. The Website Administrator is not an entity responsible for any

Users’ complaints and claims against other Users, which are

claims should be made directly against that other User.

§ 15 [Amendments to the Regulations]

1. The Website Administrator reserves the right to make changes to this

Regulations, about which immediately, i.e. not less than 14 days before

introducing changes, he will inform on the website www.globalfcx.com and by electronic means.

2. The Website Administrator will inform about the fact of changing the Regulations by

posting on the website https://globalfcx.com/ information about the changes made and the inclusion of a consolidated amended text

Of the Regulations and an indication of which of the existing provisions of the Regulations have been changed

changed. Additionally, the Website Administrator will send to logged in Users

being consumers within the meaning of the Act of May 30, 2014. about rights

appropriate information to the consumer, together with the amended consolidated text

Of the Regulations.

3. The Regulations may be changed, in particular for important reasons

technical, legal and / or organizational. The change referred to in the sentence

the previous one is possible after informing the Users about it in advance.

Information about planned changes will be sent at least 14 days before

its introduction to Users to their e-mail address, if they have provided one. IN

in the event of non-acceptance of the amendment to the Regulations by the User, he may

request deletion of your account, including data, and termination of services provided

correspondence services.

4. The User’s use of the Website after the amendments to the Regulations enter into force

is tantamount to accepting the introduced changes.

5. Any changes to these Regulations shall come into force within 14 days from

the date of their publication on the website of the Service and sending an appropriate one

information to Users.

6. These Regulations come into force on the day of their publication on the website


§ 16 [Final Provisions]

1. These Regulations are made available to Users free of charge in a manner

enabling its acquisition, reproduction and recording of its content.

2. These Regulations are available in pdf format on the website at

at https://secureservercdn.net/

3. If one of the provisions of these Regulations is or will be ineffective,

this does not affect the binding force of the remaining provisions. In place of

ineffective provisions of the Regulations, the rule will apply, which is

closest to the purposes of the invalid provision and all of these Regulations.

4. Information on the possibility of being used by the Customer

consumer from out-of-court complaint and investigation methods

claims and the rules of access to these procedures are available at the offices and at

websites of poviat (municipal) consumer ombudsmen,

social organizations whose statutory tasks include protection

consumers, Provincial Inspectorates of the Trade Inspection and under

the following internet addresses of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection:




The customer who is a consumer has, among others the following possibilities of use

out of court methods of dealing with complaints and redress:

• Permanent consumer arbitration court operating at the Trade Inspection

concluded contract;

• voivodship inspector of the Trade Inspection, the possibility of submitting a request

for the initiation of mediation proceedings on amicable settlement


• poviat (municipal) consumer ombudsman or social organization to which

statutory tasks include consumer protection (including the Federation

Consumers, Association of Polish Consumers). Advice is given

by the Consumer Federation under the free hotline number

Konsumencka 800 007 707 and by the Association of Polish Consumers

at the e-mail address bilety@dlakonsumentow.pl

5. They shall apply to matters not regulated in these Regulations

generally applicable provisions of law.